Say NO to Your Child’s Math Anxiety,

Before You Say YES to Medicine, Try Art Therapy

Now Your Child Can Discover The Secret to Reducing Math Anxiety, Improving  Focus & Attention Using a Program Designed By a Team of Educators & Psychologists: Structured Breathing Techniques & Geometric Art Doodling

One Stop Place to : Improve Focus in 60 Seconds, Learn Math

  • Cognitive Enhancement Program, Focuses on Underlying Skills, Critical for Learning & Performance
  • Teaching Student Effective Deep Breathing Techniques
  • Practicing Art Therapy to Regulate Nervous System by Helping Facilitate Cognitive Disruption by Moving Attention Away From Rumination
  • Tutoring Math at all levels.

Our New Location

LaCenterra 2717 Commercial Center Boulevard Suite E200, Katy TX 77494

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SAT Prep Sessions

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Who we are

​The Lotus Test prep. Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.  We are a group of highly educated professionals that 1) introduce students to new methods of learning using in-house developed strategies, 2) tutor math at all grades K-12, GED, SAT, ACT, 3) provide career counselling and coaching as well as resume writing, and mock interview

Since 1993

Our Specialties

  • Expert in Anxiety Reduction prior to test taking
  • Reduction in Stress Techniques
  • Bi-lingual professional educators
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Relaxation and learning techniques
  • Resume editing
  • Job interview preparation via mock interviews

Upcoming Events

SAT Prep Session 1:  September 6   –  October 8   2021. (M & W& F)

SAT Prep Session 2:  Oct 11   –  Nov 12   2021. (M & W & F)

SAT Prep Session 3:  Nov 15   –  Dec  20   2021. (M & W & F)

Our partners Katy Christian Ministries, Attack Poverty, Friends of Sundown Elementary, Katy Independent School District GED, You Can Academy

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We have partnered up with Attack Poverty, Friends of Sundown Elementary, Katy Independent District GED Program, and Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) to provide the community with free tutoring and youth career coaching.

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