Math Brain Training

Lotus Test Prep Foundation  is a 501 ©(3) Non-profit Organization With Mission to REDUCE MATH ANXIETY.  
Cognitive Enhancement Program, Focuses on Underlying Skills, Critical for Learning & Performance. 
♦    Teaching Student Effective Deep Breathing Techniques
♦    Practicing Art Therapy to Regulate Nervous System by Helping Facilitate Cognitive Disruption by Moving        Attention Away From Rumination
♦    Tutoring Math K12 Through Early College  
Here at Lotus Test Prep Foundation, we Believe in Taking a Multifaceted Approach to Learning Most Complex Math Problems.  Lotus Test Prep Foundation, Partners with Schools and Other Nonprofits to Reach low-income students.  Eligible Students Can Use Our Free, Online Platform to Request Help in Math.  For Students with Anxiety, ADD, and ADHD, we Offer Triangle Art Therapy, proprietary Geometric Doodling Designs,  Developed by Our Team of Engineers, Educators, and Psychologists.  

KCM Partnership Picture

“Professor Falahat is very intelligent and knows a lot about Math and technology. I am very impressed with the interactive whiteboard that he is using to teach. The online videos are very helpful and an easy way to prepare for the class tests and quizzes.”

K. Thomas

“I used this site for 10 days last semester, and I loved it, teacher taught very clearly and was transparent about my preCalculus questions. We had to evacuate our house because of hurricane Har.

D. Santana

“I had taken a course with Mr. Falahat at Houston Community class, and I am aware that students, sign up for his math courses in college within the first day of enrollment. The minute I learned about him volunteering in this non profit, I asked my younger brother in Katy highschool to register right away. I was surprised to learn it costs nothing to register.  Thanks Lotus Test Foundation.”

M. Bertrand

“ I am not sure if this non profit is going to have the staff to help college courses or they are going to only focus on schools, but I can say one thing, Professor Falahat taught the calculus course very well at Lone Star Community College, he actually found ways to make calculus not super boring. Was good at doing lots of examples and walking through problems slowly step by step to make sure we understood. I hope this organization is going to expand to support college students as well.”

C. Ventura

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